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Wii U is a NIGHTMARE - Nintendo Tech Forums

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Super Mario 64 DS save data corrupted - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Super Mario 64 DS save data corrupted LINK70222 5 posts since Apr 2, 2010 Every time I start up SM64DS, it tells me to touch the star, just like the first time you get it. (It does that, right? I got it used a few years ago) Then it starts up like normal, but when I press ADVENTURE or REC ROOM, it gives me the message "Data is Corrupted. Some data is lost." and all of my files are new. And when I try to save on my new file, the next time I try playing, it gives me the same message. Is there any
can I delete rankings w/o loosing my... - Nintendo Tech Forums
can I delete rankings w/o loosing my... L_OVER_R 1 posts since Dec 19, 2010 My question relates to an issue raised by Moose_hero ("frustrated rankings). I too am in a household with several players using Wii Fit-Plus, and one of us consistently scores higher than the others. So, the top ten rankings are all held by that one player. As Moose_hero stated, this can be frustrating for other users who would like to at least see a record of their own progress. OUR solution to this problem is for the "
What Racing Wheel works with Crazy Taxi... - Nintendo Tech Forums
What Racing Wheel works with Crazy Taxi... GALAGAPRO 2 posts since Jan 23, 2012 Hi, I miss playing crazy taxi with a wheel. I purchased the logitech and it works with need for speed using the gamecube connector, but not for crazy taxi. Can someone tell me which wheel and pedals work with Crazy taxi Gamecube game using the Wii? Tags: gamecube, racing, wheel, taxi, crazy MACHBIKER 2,470 posts since Oct 20, 2011 1. Re: What Racing Wheel works with Crazy Taxi - Gamecube game on Wii? Jan 23, 2012 4:1
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD... GOHANRAGE_WIIU 89 posts since Jan 14, 2013 I am looking to talk to people who own both the gamecube and wii u version of The Legend of Zelda: The wind waker. I can't find my players guide. so I thought I would just purchase a HD guide even though I have the gamecube edition Tags: gamecube, advice, guide, wii_u SCIENTIST123 428 posts since Jul 18, 2012 1. Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Guide. May 10, 2014 10:42 AM The games are nearly identica
Pokemon X Timeline Poster
Pokemon X Timeline Poster RAMPOS7 3 posts since Sep 3, 2013 I bought pokemon X recently and to my understanding, there was a special pokemon timeline poster inside it, it said it was preorder only, but my friend bought it late and got the poster, and when i was at the desk buying it, the clerk even said "so you want to poster too?" but i get home, open the game, and there isn't a poster inside. Can somebody tell me where im supposed to get it or why it wasn't in my game box? NIGHTFIRE5 3,821 pos
My Club Nintendo points were reset!... - Nintendo's Tech ...
My Club Nintendo points were reset!... GURFINKI 1 posts since Nov 26, 2012 Hi! I was just registering my Wii U console, and Mario Bros. U. When I finished completing the survey for Mario Bros, I hit the "finish" button, and after that some error message appeared that said that the thing I was looking for wasn't there, or something like that. The bad part is, my Nintendo coins were all gone! I had between 350 / 400 coins so far, I remember it said it was something like 160 coins until Platinum, b
Wii Startup Disc - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Wii Startup Disc PAUL19911 3 posts since Aug 23, 2010 Hello, I recently purchased a broken Wii of eBay. I received it a few days ago. When I plug it in, it just says "Please Insert the Wii Startuo disc". As this wii is no longer under warrenty, what are my options? [img][/img] ONE-OF-THREE 6,476 posts since Apr 1, 2010 1. Re: Wii Startup Disc Aug 23, 2010 7:14 PM The Wii console does not need any type of "startup disc", so it is likely th
Strange issues since repair... - Nintendo Tech Forums
Strange issues since repair... JENCOO 2 posts since Apr 22, 2011 Ok, so I had the Super Smash Brothers brawl, and it wasn't working. So I sent the console in for them to fix the drive. When I got it back, all of the games on the SD cards, it says something like Unable to play this wii all the games we previously purchased are unplayable. Then today the remotes were not connected, and weren't synching at all. So I turned the console off, and when I turned it back on it was just a blac

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  • Valeo en bref
    Entièrement dédié à la conception, à la fabrication et à la vente de composants, de systèmes et de modules pour l automobile et les poids lourds, tant en première qu en deuxième monte, Valeo est un groupe industriel indépendant et international. Il se classe parmi les premiers équipementiers mondiaux. Valeo inscrit sa stratégie de croissance rentable dans une logique de développement durable. Pour un monde automobile meilleur. 43, rue Bayen - 75848 Paris cedex 17 - France Tél. : 33 (0)1 40 55
  • 902316/40-09 1 2 3 11 12 4 8 5 6 7 9 15 14 16 13 10 I · DESCRIPTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ouverture d'aspiration Bac à poussière Veine d'aspiration d'air Bouton de déverrouillage du bac à poussière Séparateur Filtre mousse de protection du moteur Témoin lumineux Orifice de charge Bouton coulissant Marche/Arrêt à 2 vitesses Poignée 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Suceur télescopique* Mini tête d'aspiration Delta* Sorties d'air Corps de l'appareil Chargeur Batteries* : 7,2 V : R
  • AR-M256
    AR-M256 · · · · Copieur, Imprimante, Scanner, Fax Vitesse : 25 ppm en noir&blanc Capacité papier : Std. 1 100 f., Max. 2 100 f. Options de finitions incluant pliage en V, piqûre à cheval et perforation · Chargeur de documents recto-verso en option et unité recto-verso en standard · Option Imprimante réseau compatible avec les environnements les plus répandus · Plateau de séparation en option pour séparer, par exemple, vos copies de vos impressions ou de vos fax L´AR-M256 est une solution multifo
  • OM, RVL200, RVL300, Husqvarna, FR, 2007-11
    FR Manuel d utilisation et d entretien GB Operator s manual DE Betriebs- und Wartungsanleitung IT Manuale di istruzioni ES Manual de explicaciones NL Gebruiksaanwijzing SE Drift- och underhållshandbok PO Manual de instrucões RVL 200 RVL 300 HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS EXPLICATION DES SYMBOLES  CONSIGNES Explication des symboles L'emploi de pictogrammes sur les machines (en couleur) et dans le manuel indiqueront des conseils qui concernent votre sécurité. ATTENTION ! DANGER ! Symbole gén
  • LMD-2451MD Brochure (1.3 MB) - Sony
    LMD-2451MD Monitor medicale LCD Qualità e versatilità di massimo livello, grazie allo schermo ampio Full HD Monitor Full HD a schermo ampio, per applicazioni medicali sempre più esigenti Erede del nostro LMD2450MD di grande successo, il monitor medicale Sony LMD2451MD Full HD soddisfa la richiesta sempre crescente di monitor di ampie dimensioni e qualità elevata, destinati alle applicazioni medicali. Grazie ai suoi esclusivi slot integrati, per l'inserimento di schede op
    DSC3270E DQD2100D TELEVISEUR LECTEUR DVD · Pal / NTSC · Compatible Dolby Digital · Design "slim" · Lecture CD-RW, MP3 Lecteur de DVD zone 2, CD audio & vidéo, CD-R et CD-RW, MP3 Vidéo : Standard vidéo Pal/NTSC Convertisseur N/A 10 bits Format d'image : 16/9, 4/3 (LB/PS) Audio : Compatible Dolby Digital Sortie audio numérique : Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG2 et PCM Convertisseur N/A 24 bits Son virtual 3D Connexions : 1 prise péritel 1 sortie numérique optique 1 sortie numérique coaxiale (cinch) 2 sor
  • Fiche produit Sony : 58/1219306070658.pdf
    (Project No.) (Date) (Project Name) (Project Location) ARCHITECT & ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS SECTION 28 23 29 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE REMOTE DEVICES AND SENSORS SNC-CS20 Day/Night, Fixed-Type, CS mount Network Color Camera PART 2  PRODUCTS 2.01 NETWORK CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS A. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. The SNC-CS20 shall be a CS mount, network enabled, JPEG and MPEG-4 dual-stream, day/night, fixed-type color camera, utilizing a 1/4-type, 659 x 494 pixels, Progressive Scan CCD with ExwavePRO!" technolog
  • Fiche produit Sony : 38/1133797573338.pdf
    HDV Product Range 2010. Compact and Cost-Effective HD Acquisition, Recording and Playback Now With a New Generation of HDV Products for Further Flexibility. The rapid transition to HD programming in broadcasting and post-production has created tremendous demand for an entry-level path into the HD world. Sony responded to this demand with the introduction of an exciting range of Digital HD products. They adopt the 1/4-inch HD format ­ the HDV 1080i specification of the HDV fo
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