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External Storage [In]Compatibility...

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External Storage [In]Compatibility...

WALLABUIGI 31 posts since
Dec 5, 2012

Are forum-goers interested in keeping an informal database of tested-compatible USB
storage devices for the Wii U? The official list is rather anemic at the moment. Given that the
majority of USB storage devices work properly with the Wii U, I would imagine that a list of
the incompatible ones would be most useful. Regardless, I propose that we make a list of
what works and what doesn't, and try to maintain it for our benefit.

Please be as specific as possible when including device information. Model numbers are
extremely helpful! I will try to keep the first post updated.

Compatible external storage:
Buffalo HD-LB1.0TU3
Buffalo HD-LB2.0TU3
Seagate STCA1000100
Seagate STCA2000100
Seagate STBV1000100
Seagate STBV2000100
Toshiba HDWC110XK3J1
Toshiba HDWC120XK3J1
Vantec NST-300SU-BK
Western Digital WD5000H1U-00

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External Storage [In]Compatibility...

Western Digital WDBACW0010HBK
Western Digital WDBACW0020HBK

Incompatible external storage:
Dynex DX-HD303513
Toshiba PH2100U-1EWR
Vantec NST-210S2

General notes:
Drives with dedicated power sources (AC adapter) are recommended. Drives without
dedicated power sources are more likely to work when coupled with a powered USB hub.

List updated.
Tags: usb, storage, hard_drive, wiiu, wii_u, hdd, external

WALLABUIGI 31 posts since
Dec 5, 2012 1. Re: External Storage [In]Compatibility Thread Jan 6, 2013 5:35 PM

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