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Error with Pokemon Pearl on 3DS XL - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums

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Problem with Pokemon on GTS Negotiaions! - Nintendo's Tech Support ...
Problem with Pokemon on GTS Negotiaions! DSLITE7 539 posts since May 29, 2010 I just got Pokemon White last Sunday and love the GTS Negotiation function. There is one problem, however. Whenever the Pokemon Cofagirus is offered up for trade by the other person, and both of us accept the trade, a message saying "The other person's Pokemon could not be traded. Please select again." I thought it was another Pokemon, but this only happens when the Pokemon Cofagirus is up for trade. I know it is the P
Pokemon Black/White Mystery Gift... - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Pokemon Black/White Mystery Gift... TIMETOPARTYHARD 5 posts since Mar 7, 2012 Here's a real head scratcher: in-game, I am able to connect to the Pokemon Dream World, GTS, etc. However, in the menu (before loading my saved game), when I try to receive a Mystery Gift, the connection will time out. No bars will show up on my connection status. It just searches for a few minutes then nothing. I can connect to GameStop's open Wi-Fi (and received Keldeo like this yesterday), but I cannot connect at ho
Wii U freezing on Hulu Plus - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Wii U freezing on Hulu Plus DEXTOUS 2 posts since Mar 1, 2013 I was wondering if anybody has experienced the Wii U freezing on Hulu Plus. I have AutoPlay turned on and at exactly "00" seconds before it starts the next episode, everything stops. Nothing loads, and it's not possible to turn off the Wii U by the gamepad (although the Gamepad does turn off), or by the Wii U Power button. I have to physically disconnect the power supply from the outlet, and then plug it back in. I have heard of the f
Wiimote connectivity issue
Wiimote connectivity issue ANGILOTH 2 posts since Dec 30, 2010 I think there is something malfunctioning with the bluetooth component of my wii. We can connect controllers, and they remain connected, and gameplay is mostly fine. However, occasionally the wiimote will lose connectivity for a brief moment, causing a stutter in the signal. Example: In smash brothers, if you try to charge a smash attack, or hold the B button down, the attack will be released prematurely during one of these stutters.
Error Code 107304 on only one channel - Nintendo Tech Forums
Error Code 107304 on only one channel THEPENGUIN 1 posts since Jun 5, 2010 I'm getting error code 107304 when I try to connect to the Nintendo Channel. All other channels I have (Shop, News, Forecast, Internet, Check Mii Out, Everybody Votes) work perfectly fine, I only get this code when trying to access the Nintendo Channel. I'm connecting through my Palm Pixi cell phone WiFi Hotspot feature, and there have been no problems aside from this one. I can use my DS with it with no problems as well.
Use Wii to Stream Video from NAS device?
Use Wii to Stream Video from NAS device? CHARLIEJACKSON 2 posts since Aug 17, 2010 The Wii console can stream video from Netflix quite well. Is it possible to connect it to a NAS device (such as the Synology DS410) and stream my own videos to it? Has anyone had success with this? Thanks ***Removed external link with references to unsupported software. Also removed first name from post. Please do not post personal information on the forums. Thanks!*** Message was edited by: NOA_TECH_MIKA Tags: wi
Stuck on the screen right after add new... - Nintendo's Tech ...
Stuck on the screen right after add new... TAKERMAN184 1 posts since Nov 20, 2012 After downloading te update I was prompted to either create a new account or use existing nintendo id. I chose new account. I've been at this screen for 20+ minutes. Is it safe to reboot at this point? Tags: wii_u ALEX762 972 posts since Jul 23, 2012 1. Re: Stuck on the screen right after add new account on initial set up. Nov 20, 2012 12:50 PM That happens just turn off and start all o
3ds won't connect to router, security... - Nintendo's Tech Support ...
3ds won't connect to router, security... BLASTOFFFORTHEMOON 4 posts since Sep 15, 2012 Today, I went to battle on DQMJ: 2 and it wouldn't connect. I got the error code 52000. Well, I removed my connection and went to go redo it. It then said, "This security type isn't supported." And yet I've been using my 3DS without any issues until today, it won't even let me search for a access point, what is going on? I am using a Belkin with WPA, and it worked fine till a few days ago. MACHBIKER 2,470 post

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