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Error with Pokemon Pearl on 3DS XL - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums

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Wii U and Wireless Headset & Microphone... - Nintendo's Tech ...
Wii U and Wireless Headset & Microphone... POOKEEPOO 2 posts since Oct 17, 2013 I am trying to find out why nintendo doesn't seem at all interested in creating a software patch that will enable the use of one or more of the usb ports for use as a wired or wireless headset/microphone port. Every other game system out there, including the original Wii I might add, has this capability. Yet nintendo insists on keeping the Wii U as an unattractive system to gamers who like to play games such as Call
Wii on HDTV... Sony Bravia EX4 40 (LCD...
Wii on HDTV... Sony Bravia EX4 40 (LCD... NIFNOR 3 posts since Jun 9, 2010 Woah... it's been a while since ive been here... but well lets get to the point. A few days ago i got that tv (the one from the title). First off i tried my ps3 and well as it was expected it looked awesome. Then i tried my Wii... ...i plugged the component cables (5 cables, R,G,B for video and R and W for audio), turned on the Wii, system setting... Screen Settings, screen resolution 480p check, aspect ratio (not sure if
Is it possible to restore a DSI back to original factory settings ...
DSI MARIOKARTWIIIIIIIIII 3 posts since May 26, 2013 Is it possible to restore a DSI back to original factory settings? MARIOGOLFER777 2,329 posts since Jul 11, 2012 1. Re: DSI May 26, 2013 6:25 AM There sure is! Just follow these steps: Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Settings - Format System Memory This option is used to delete all saved data that have been stored on the system and will wipe the system memory clean, as it was when purchased new. How to Format System Memory 1. On the Nintendo D
Wii U please wait...stuck at menu after... - Nintendo's Tech ...
Wii U please wait...stuck at menu after... AUCTIONEER242 7 posts since Apr 29, 2013 I am having a problem with my Wii U after the 3.0.0 update. When I close out a program and go back to the menu I get a "please wait..." notice, from there it stays. I waited about 30 minutes and it just stays stuck. It's not a total freeze, I can switch screens but otherwise nothing happens, none of my apps load either, no miiverse upper screen either, just my mii shows up. It just stays on "Please wait..." I hav
Club Nintendo Gold Status questions - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Club Nintendo Gold Status questions GANONLIVESAGAIN 7 posts since Dec 15, 2013 I just reached Gold Status for Club Nintendo today, December 23, 2013. Supposedly I am suppose to be able to claim a reward for it but can't seem to figure out how. I went here and looked at 'Coins & Elite Status - What's the special gift that elite status members receive?' and it shows for gold membership I can choose between a 2014 Club Nintendo Calender or various ga
Error Code 107304 on only one channel - Nintendo Tech Forums
Error Code 107304 on only one channel THEPENGUIN 1 posts since Jun 5, 2010 I'm getting error code 107304 when I try to connect to the Nintendo Channel. All other channels I have (Shop, News, Forecast, Internet, Check Mii Out, Everybody Votes) work perfectly fine, I only get this code when trying to access the Nintendo Channel. I'm connecting through my Palm Pixi cell phone WiFi Hotspot feature, and there have been no problems aside from this one. I can use my DS with it with no problems as well.
Question: Wii U support UPNP - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Question: Wii U support UPNP FAYT1 10 posts since May 8, 2010 I asked this question back during the console's release, but no boddy answer me. Does the Nintendo Wii U support the UPNP? Did a system update give it UPNP capabilities? ONE-OF-THREE 6,476 posts since Apr 1, 2010 1. Re: Question: Wii U support UPNP Jul 23, 2013 5:54 PM If my understanding of "UPnP" (Universal Plug and Play) is correct, I do not believe that the Wii U console has this ability. However, you could always give a call to N
Error code 112-1006 when trying to use...
Error code 112-1006 when trying to use... LEPRECHAUN96 3 posts since Feb 22, 2013 So for the past month i have been unable to go to youtube (even the app wont work) or other sites on the wii u browser, whenever i try i get error code 112-1006. does anyone know how to fix this, i'd appreciate any help. Oh and youtube works on other devices in my house. and i feel like i should mention that it did this for facebook one day but corrected itself the next. other sites work perfectly fine, in fact im

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    Dalla cucina a carbone dei tempi che furono alla cottura digitale dei nostri giorni, Scholtès ha saputo conservare in 80 anni di storia quello spirito di cose fatte a mano  che rimane il suo tratto caratterizzante e il suo punto di forza. Ogni prodotto Scholtès è la riuscita combinazione di una estetica improntata alla massima eleganza e di un contenuto tecnologico indiscutibile, fatto di prestazioni e innovazione. Questo documento è stato realizzato con la preziosa collaborazione di un espert
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    Information presse Igny, le 18 février 2010 Surfez sur le Web depuis votre ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet en utilisant la connexion 3G de votre téléphone ARCHOS, pionnier sur le marché des Tablettes Internet annonce, aujourd hui, la disponibilité d une nouvelle fonctionnalité sur l ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet : le partage de la connexion 3G d un téléphone mobile appelé « Tethering ». Dès aujourd hui, l utilisateur peut utiliser son téléphone portable comme relais pour naviguer sur le Web avec son A
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    Certifications ZANUSSI: Qualité: Nos usines de production et l'ensemble du processus de fabrication, de la conception à l'expédition y compris le service après-vente, ont obtenu le label de qualité ISO 900 I. Une reconnaissance internationale prestigieuse qui vous garantit le respect des normes de qualité et de fiabilité les plus strictes. Nos produits ont également obtenu l'approbation des Organismes Normatifs du monde entier, Normes CE, VDE et DVGB. Choisir ZANUSSI est une garantie supplémenta
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