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Error with Pokemon Pearl on 3DS XL - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums

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Can i use Wii U game pad in multi... - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Can i use Wii U game pad in multi... SAATVIK1 5 posts since Dec 27, 2013 Hello, I am playing Mario brother multi player mode, It seems i have to use Wii remotes for each player. I can't use Wii U game pad as controller for a player. Basically game pad is useless for multi player mode, Is this the way it works ? Also it shows says Wii u Pad is in boost mode, Any idea what is that means? Saat Tags: mario, brors NIGHTFIRE5 3,821 posts since Mar 29, 2011 1. Re: Can i use Wii U game pad in multi play
weight exceeds programing - Nintendo Tech Forums
weight exceeds programing VELVEETA72 1 posts since Aug 11, 2010 I purchased Wii fit to work on losing weight for my daughter and I. I am currently 253 pounds and the game progressed for me and gave me the BMI and so forth, but my daughter is between 320-350 pounds and the board said her weight exceeds programming. I was wondering if their is any way to increase the maximum weight of the board and if so how? What is the maximum weight for the game board? If it can't be adjusted I need to know at
Question: Wii U support UPNP - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
Question: Wii U support UPNP FAYT1 10 posts since May 8, 2010 I asked this question back during the console's release, but no boddy answer me. Does the Nintendo Wii U support the UPNP? Did a system update give it UPNP capabilities? ONE-OF-THREE 6,476 posts since Apr 1, 2010 1. Re: Question: Wii U support UPNP Jul 23, 2013 5:54 PM If my understanding of "UPnP" (Universal Plug and Play) is correct, I do not believe that the Wii U console has this ability. However, you could always give a call to N
Best Wii Remote Charging Station? - Nintendo Tech Forums
Best Wii Remote Charging Station? NINTENDO_MARIO_FAN247 1 posts since Dec 30, 2011 Hello, I recently got a New Wii. I Have 3 Official Wii remotes and a other brand name wii compatible remote. I am looking to find a good quality top of the line most popular Wii Remote Charging Station/dock that can charge 4 at a time. Removing jackets I do not mind. I cant seem to find much info on google. I see the most popular and "best" ones are "Nyko", "Penguin" & "Energizer". To bad Nintendo did not fallow t
How much is my SNES and games worth? - Nintendo's Tech Support Forums
How much is my SNES and games worth? This discussion is locked MUKU034 2 posts since Dec 14, 2013 I have a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It's in great condition, no dirt, works exelently. It has two controllers, again in great condition. It has the original power cord and cable input cord. I also have 7 games, working great. NBA Slam Yoshi's Safari Super Mario World Tetris & Dr. Mario (2 in 1) (Label has scratching on top edge) Street Fighter II Turbo Killer Instinct Mortal Komat II I als
Error Code 107304 on only one channel - Nintendo Tech Forums
Error Code 107304 on only one channel THEPENGUIN 1 posts since Jun 5, 2010 I'm getting error code 107304 when I try to connect to the Nintendo Channel. All other channels I have (Shop, News, Forecast, Internet, Check Mii Out, Everybody Votes) work perfectly fine, I only get this code when trying to access the Nintendo Channel. I'm connecting through my Palm Pixi cell phone WiFi Hotspot feature, and there have been no problems aside from this one. I can use my DS with it with no problems as well.
Pokemon White 2 "save data could not be... - Nintendo Tech Forums
Pokemon White 2 "save data could not be... DAVERYAN 4 posts since Jan 4, 2013 I keep on receiving the error. I also tried it in another ds lite and 3ds and I still received the error. Please help me . Tags: ds, lite, error, pokemon, data, not, ds_lite, be, save, 2, 3ds, white, nintendo_3ds, could, pokemon_white_2, accessed EARTHBOUND33 2,270 posts since Jul 1, 2010 1. Re: Pokemon White 2 "save data could not be accessed". Jan 4, 2013 9:27 AM it seems that your data is corrupted. did you happen t
Pokemon World Tournament: Challenge Mode - Nintendo's Tech Support ...
Pokemon World Tournament: Challenge Mode MITOSHI 1 posts since Oct 3, 2012 So I'm debating whether to get Black 2 or White 2, and the biggest question for me is if unlocking Challenge Mode affects the difficulty of the Pokemon World Tournament or Battle Subway. So does Challenge Mode have any relation to either of the above two? Does it increase the AI, teams, movesets, training, or anything else in the World Tournament or Battle Subway? HADAA 292 posts since Apr 19, 2011 1. Re: Pokemon World To

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  • [2013.08.13] “ • ” - Samsung
    [2013.08.13] 2013 6  29  " Marketing   " "   " " 20 40.7   " "
  • 5019 512 10006 AWV 430/2 / AWV 510/2 H
    H AWV 430/2 / AWV 510/2 A program idQtartamának adatai (irányértékek) maximális hQmérséklet melletti, speciális funkciók nélküli mosásra érvényesek. Be/Ki  'I: funkció / Igen: adagolás szükséges 1) Ne használjon folyékony mosószereket. 2) Max. 400 ford/perc - AWV 430/2 Max. 500 ford/perc - AWV 510/2 Max.töltet Program Mosószer és adalékok FQmosás ÖblítQszer kg Maximális centrifugálási sebesség ford/perc A program idQtartama kb. °C ElQmosás Mosás típusa / Megjegyzések Választható funkciók
  • Table des matières Manuel de l'utilisateur Graveur LaCie DVD±RW ...
    Manuel de l'utilisateur Graveur LaCie DVD±RW FireWire Table des matières Avant-propos Précautions d'emploi 1. Déballage de votre périphérique LaCie 1.1. Configuration minimum 1.1.1. Utilisateurs Mac 1.1.2. Utilisateurs Windows 2. Connexion du périphérique 2.1. Installation des logiciels de gravure 2.2. Connexion de l'alimentation et mise sous tension du périphérique 2.3. Connexion du câble FireWire entre le périphérique externe et l'ordinateur 3. Utilisation du graveur 3.1. Formats de DVD et de
  • LSA13X2
    LSA13X2 Lave-vaisselle pose libre, 60 cm, orbital, tout inox anti-trace Classe énergétique A+++A EAN13: 8017709166731 Capacité 13 couverts 5 programmes + 4 programmes rapides: Trempage, Verre, ECO, Auto 60-70, Super (avec option Quick Time: Rapide 27 min, ECO rapide, Quotidien rapide, Court & Intensif) 5 températures 38°C, 45°C, 50°C, 65°C, 70°C Bandeau de commande inox avec afficheur Départ différé, indication durée du programme et temps résiduel Témoins lumineux: sel et produit de rinçage Opti
  • Aspire Serie 4920 - ftp - Acer
    Aspire Serie 4920 Guía del usuario Copyright © 2007. Acer Incorporated. Reservados todos los derechos Guía del usuario del Aspire Serie 4920 Versión original: 05/2007 La información de esta publicación puede estar sujeta a cambios periódicos sin obligación alguna de notificar dichas revisiones o modificaciones. Dichas modificaciones se incorporarán a las nuevas ediciones de la presente guía o documentos y publicaciones complementarios. Esta empresa no hace promesas ni concede garantías, ya sean
  • AN-WF100E (2
    AN-WF100E Clé WiFi CLE WIFI La solution sans fil pour vous simplifier la vie ! > Design moderne, compact et élégant > Facile à installer > Usage : réseau sans fil et DLNA Provisoire CLE WIFI AN-WF100E CARACTÉRISTIQUES GÉNÉRALES Normes WiFi supportées Couleur Usage IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Noir réseau sans fil et service DLNA Compatibilité LCD > 32'' Séries LX9500 / LX6500 / LE8500 / LE7510 / LE5500 / LE5510 / LD750 / LD650 Compatibilité Plasma Séries PK760 / PK950 INFORMATIONS COMPLÉMENTAIRES Consom
  • Getting started with Logitechˆ Webcam C260
    Getting started with Features 1. Microphone 2. Lens 3. Activity light 4. Flexible clip/base 5. Logitech® Webcam Software 6. Product documentation Getting started with Logitech® Webcam C260 ation inform rtant Impo hink h iT itec Log Your 2   English   nce, mplia y, co Safet a ake ts m men com and nty warra
  • EPSON®
    EPSON® EXCEED YOUR VISION / Dépassez votre imagination TARIF Février 2014 V1 primantes et Multifonctions Laser / Imprimantes matricielles à impact / Imprimantes Jet d'Encre / Multifonctions Jet d'Encre / Imprimantes Arts Graphiques / Scanners / Assistants Photo personnels / Projecteurs multimédia / Systèmes et imprimantes Points de Vente / Consomm Les « tarifs unitaires ¬ HT » sont des tarifs de la base distributeurs avant remise. Les conditions de remise sont différentes suivant les classes tar
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