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Pokemon X/Y Mystery Gift Code Issue

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Pokemon X/Y Mystery Gift Code Issue

LOSTADDAMS 1 posts since
Aug 22, 2014

Hi, I was unable to get to a gamestop when the X/Y mega evolution codes were initially
released, so I called a gamestop to get them to read me a code, which they were willing to
do. However, the person either read the code to me incorrectly or I heard it incorrectly, so
when I tried to enter it, it didn't work. I tried guessing which letter was wrong a few times (H
or A could be 8, S could be F, etc), and now I'm locked out of entering codes. I decided to
trek to a gamestop to get a code, and now I have one that I can actually read, but I'm still
locked out of entering my code. How long will I have to wait to enter my code?
Tags: code, mystery_gift, pokemonx, pokemony

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