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Introducing Samsung's recommended Healthcare printer ...

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Introducing Samsung s recommended
Healthcare printer range
Samsung, the Ideal Partner in the Healthcare Arena


Samsung Electronics (UK) is proud to announce the approval of our individual
printer products, which have met the standards, set by Cerner and EMIS, inPS
and iSoft  3 key suppliers of software applications to the healthcare sector.
Whether it's printing the clearest possible prescriptions, confidential documents
or want true reliability from your printing equipment - that's exactly what
Samsung printers offer - space-saving designs, 30 % toner save, automatic
duplex and acceptance of a wide range of media types.


True Dedication and Support
Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of working in
within the Healthcare sector, with Samsung s healthcare
printer portfolio you can benefit from printing
performance that has been approved by the three
leading software suppliers to the Healthcare sector EMIS, iSoft and InPS. Meaning you can be certain they'll
be perfectly compatible with leading clinical software
systems, which are demanded in these busy working



Promoting Greener Printing
With automatic duplex as a standard functionality on 4 of models approved
within the sector, by using this function we can help you save 50% on your
paper usage. And thanks to Samsung's STAR programme, which makes printer
cartridge recycling free and easy, you're protecting the planet even further.


Introducing Samsung s recommended
Healthcare printer range
Cost saving solution
Samsungs toner save function is another way to save as it can extend the life
of your cartridge by up to 30% on all our mono printer and MFPs. And thanks
to Samsung's S.T.A.R.  take back and recycle programme, makes printer
cartridge recycling free and easy and enables individuals and businesses to
help in protecting the planet even further.

A Promise of Reliability
You need IT you can rely on. Samsung's printers are manufactured from the
heart of our beliefs. We ensure of our technology is robust, meets your daily
demands. Samsung Printers and MFPs are perfect the solution to the

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