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Network Mini-dome Cameras


Stunning video and audio brought to you by the "IPELA" series of visual communication products that encompass the three-pronged concept of "Reality," "Intelligence," and "Usability." "IPELA" is the identity symbolizing the Sony vision for the workplace of the future, connecting people, places, and information with reality that has never before been achieved. "IPELA" lets you share, understand, and experience as if you are actually there, when in fact, you are miles away. It allows you to quickly grasp a situation to make better business decisions.

· High Frame Rate · Dynamic Frame Integration

Intelligence Usability
· Intelligent Motion Detection · Intelligent Object Detection · JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 Compression Formats · Dual Encoding Capability · User-Friendly GUI

Real audiovisual communication over networks ­ this is business communication of the future, this is business communication brought to you today, this is "IPELA."

Reproducing Extremely Clear and Detailed Images ­ Sony's Intelligent Mini-dome Cameras Provide a High Level of Security, Anytime and Anywhere
Sony's SNC-DF85/DF80/DF50 is an intelligent mini-dome camera lineup, designed for a variety of surveillance and monitoring applications. The SNC-DF85 combines the benefits of both the SNC-DF80 and the SNC-DF50 ­ the tough camera body and Day/Night function of the SNC-DF80 and the wide dynamic range of the SNC-DF50. Housed in a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast enclosure with an impact-resistant polycarbonate dome, the SNC-DF85/DF80 offers good protection against vandalism. Furthermore, its weather-resistant design guards against damage from dust and water ingress when used in outdoor applications. In addition, the optional YT-HU75 Heater Unit*1 is available for cold weather, enabling the camera to operate in severe temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F). The camera's Day/Night function provides clear monitoring images in low light conditions, such as sunset. The SNC-DF85/DF50 incorporates DynaView Technology, which contributes to the camera's wide dynamic range. It reduces `white-out' in high-contrast shooting environments, such as when the camera is located at the entrance of a building where there is a strong backlight. The SNC-DF85/DF80/DF50 incorporates advanced compression technologies to transmit image data in three different formats, JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264, so that users can choose the best compression format depending on their applications. With a 3.6x zoom, vari-focal lens that covers up to 100.8°, the SNC-DF85/DF80/DF50 can be used to monitor facilities that require a wide angle of view. The PoE (Power-over-Ethernet, IEEE802.3af compliant) function gives users more freedom over where to install the cameras, while saving cost. Plus, they are all equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics to give you an intelligent and dynamic detection system. Sony's intelligent mini-dome cameras are ideal for a wide variety of surveillance and monitoring applications.

The YT-HU75 Heater Unit is an option.

Features Benefits SNC-DF85 Yes (Outdoor/Indoor) Yes Yes SNC-DF80 Yes (Outdoor/Indoor) No*2 Yes SNC-DF50 No (Indoor) Yes No Page P .5 P .3 P .4 Weather-resistant and Enables Outdoor Use Rugged Design Wide Dynamic Range Provides Backlight (DynaView) Compensation Day/Night Function Enables Night Monitoring, Without Visible Light


The SNC-DF80 has a conventional backlight compensation function.


The DEPA Platform ­ Intelligent Video Analytics
The SNC-DF85, SNC-DF80, and SNC-DF50 cameras offer intelligent video analytics, based on the Sony DEPA platform. This comprises two elements: intelligent built-in camera functions, such as IMD and IOD, and rules/filters that determine which images should be recorded or when an alarm should be triggered. When the network cameras perform IMD or IOD, `tagged' objects and their associated metadata, including object position data, are sent either to the NSR Series recorder or the IMZ-RS400 Series software. These products then use the metadata, together with filters, to analyze object movement and to perform a predefined action, such as image recording or alarm triggering. This method of distributed processing minimizes server workload, network bandwidth, and storage requirements.

Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA)
Intelligent Motion Detection Filter (Passing-Directional)

Person1 Person2

Person1 Person2

Sends Object ID and Position Requests Relevant Images Sends Relevant Images

Mini-dome Camera

NSR Series/IMZ-RS400 Series Analyzes Object Movement

High-quality Images
Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology SNC-DF85

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