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Wii remote will not sync even after... - Nintendo Tech Forums

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Wii remote will not sync even after...

MOMANDDADPLUS6 1 posts since
Jan 5, 2011

We have had our system for a few years, but all of a sudden the other day, the remotes
will not sync. I have pushed the red buttons on the remote and the console but it is still not
working. The remotes are fully charged and keep blinking all 4 blue lights.

DINGUS 22 posts since
Jan 2, 2011 1. Re: Wii remote will not sync even after pushing both red buttons Jan 5, 2011 11:27 AM

Most likely your batteries ran out and the remotes forgot their sync memory...

Here are the Wii remote sync troubleshooting steps I found on the nintendo website.

You're looking for "Most Common - Wii Remote not being recognized by the Wii Console
(lights on the Wii Remote flash when you press a button, but then go out)"

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