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Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual

Hello from the Tone Farm
Congratulations on your choice of the ELECTRA DYNETM and welcome to the Mesa/Boogie Family! The instrument you have chosen introduces a new realm of performance and versatility to the Single Channel format by combining the best attributes of a simplistic control layout with hidden internal layers of authentic circuit switching. The result is a collection of iconic, vintage-inspired amplifiers built into one chassis you can control with six knobs and a toggle switch. You can also footswitch between these circuits and, though there may be slight compromises, the sounds coexist on one set of controls well enough to turn this Single Channel platform into a Three Mode live performance vehicle. The ELECTRA DYNE, hand-built in Petaluma by MESA (the original Boutique shop) will inevitably redefine what players who follow the Boutique world come to expect from an amplifier. Our 40 year commitment to excellence along with our solemn promise to musicians - to treat each of them as we ourselves would wish to be treated - guarantees you an experience that will make you feel truly justified in your choice. We're confident your new amplifier will have you smiling and inspired within minutes of plugging in for the first time. However, what's really gratifying is that you will be finding new and inspiring sounds years after the price of admission has faded from memory and the ELECTRA DYNE continues to unveil its true worth. It's with our sincere thanks for trusting us with your TONE and our best wishes for all your musical endeavors that we welcome you home. Should you ever need assistance or guidance we're here to help. You now have in your hands an instrument of limitless expression. Our hope is that it takes you and your playing to new and unimagined places throughout your musical journey. From all of us here at MESA...Enjoy!

Your MESA/Boogie Amplifier is a professional instrument. Please treat it with respect and operate it properly.


USE COMMON SENSE AND ALWAYS OBSERVE THESE PRECAUTIONS: WARNING: EU: permission from the Supply Authority is needed before connection. WARNING: Vacuum tube amplifiers generate heat. To insure proper ventilation always make certain there is at least four inches (100mm) of space behind the rear of the amplifier cabinet. Keep away from curtains or any flammable objects. WARNING: Do not block any ventilation openings on the rear or top of the amplifier. Do not impede ventilation by placing objects on top of the amplifier which extend past the rear edge of its cabinet. WARNING: Do not expose the amplifier to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing water. Do not place objects filled with liquids on or nearby the amplifier. WARNING: Always make certain proper load is connected before operating the amplifier. Failure to do so could pose a shock hazard and may result in damage to the amplifier. Do not expose amplifier to direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures. Always insure that amplifier is properly grounded. Always unplug AC power cord before changing fuse or any tubes. When replacing fuse, use only same type and rating. Avoid direct contact with heated tubes. Keep amplifier away from children. Be sure to connect to an AC power supply that meets the power supply specifications listed on the rear of the unit. Remove the power plug from the AC mains socket if the unit is to be stored for an extended period of time. If there is any danger of lightning occurring nearby, remove the power plug from the wall socket in advance. To avoid damaging your speakers and other playback equipment, turn off the power of all related equipment before making the connections. Do not use excessive force in handling control buttons, switches and controls. Do not use solvents such as benzene or paint thinner to clean the unit. Wipe off the exterior with soft cloth.

YOUR AMPLIFIER IS LOUD! EXPOSURE TO HIGH SOUND VOLUMES MAY CAUSE PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE ! No user serviceable parts inside. Refer service to qualified personnel. Always unplug AC power before removing chassis. EXPORT MODELS: Always insure that unit is wired for proper voltage. Make certain grounding conforms with local standards.


Table of Contents
Precautions _______________________________________________________________________________ 0 Overview________________________________________________________________________________ 1-2 Before You Start __________________________________________________________________________ 3-4

MODES: CLEAN, VINTAGE LO, VINTAGE HI ____________________________________________________ 5-7 VOLUME _______________________________________________________________________________ 8-10 TREBLE ______________________________________________________________________________ 10-12 MID __________________________________________________________________________________ 12-13 BASS _________________________________________________________________________________ 13-14 PRESENCE _______________________________________________________________________________ 14 MASTER ______________________________________________________________________________ 14-15 STANDBY ________________________________________________________________________________ 15 POWER _______________________________________________________________________________ 15-16

FUSE ____________________________________________________________________________________ 17 EFFECTS LOOP ___________________________________________________________________________ 17 REVERB _________________________________________________________________________________ 18 FT. SW. (FOOTSWITCH) _____________________________________________________________________ 18 BIAS SELECT __________________________________________________________________________ 18-19 SPEAKERS: 8 OHM / 4 OHM _________________________________________________________________ 19 SLAVE OUTPUT / LEVEL____________________________________________________________________ 19 CLEAN LEVEL ____________________________________________________________________________ 20 GAIN TRIM ____________________________________________________________________________ 20-21 DIAGNOSING TUBE PROBLEMS __________________________________________________________ 22-23 BIAS ADJUSTMENT ARTICLE ____________________________________________________________ 24-26 SPEAKER IMPEDANCE MATCHING AND HOOKUP GUIDE _____________________________________ 27-32 FEATURE ARTICLE: ON PENTODES, TRIODES & IRISHMEN by Randall Smith ____________________ 33-35 TUBE TASK CHART - ELECTRA DYNE HEAD ___________________________________________________ 36 TUBE TASK CHART - ELECTRA DYNE COMBO _________________________________________________ 37 PART SHEET - HEAD _______________________________________________________________________ 38 PART SHEET - COMBO _____________________________________________________________________ 39

Operating Instructions Overview:
At a glance you can see that the control layout of your Electra Dyne is straightforward and simple. This was intentional and a prime directive in the design goal. What you don't see is that when you select one of the three Modes on the MODE SELECT mini-toggle you are completely reconfiguring the circuit architecture and in fact, selecting separate and complete amplifiers! These are interfaced to the control's separate ganged (stacked) pot elements so that circuit authenticity is maintained and footswitchablity between the circuits is made possible. The Modes represent three of the most classic guitar amp circuits that remain at the forefront of virtually all musical styles. The "black face era" inspired CLEAN Mode delivers the low gain sweet, sparkling chording sounds that originally put Fullerton, CA. on the Tone map. This time proven circuit has been revisited, scrutinized and feel-optimized to create an even more luscious clean voice that gets further enhanced by the curvaceous magic of the Simul-Class Power section. Our patented output scheme blanches out harsh frequencies and enhances the beautiful even-order harmonics and sub-low breath. From there the Electra Dyne jumps across the pond to pay tribute to the classic British circuits with the medium gain punch of VINTAGE LO. The input is routed to a separate input tube, a different set of pots and a whole different signal path dishes out Classic Rock with new and exciting levels of nuance. This LO Mode is amazing for medium gain crunch chording and when cranked, will saturate without losing it's aggressive attack and chesty thump. While this sound is instantly familiar, it beckons with a new and intriguing voice that is created when the classic Brit chunk meets the sophistication and cultured poise of Simul-Class. Both Tone and feel develop a new personality that retains the best attributes of the Brit-style impact and attitude, but here the trademark sound hits in a more palatable form... like a leather-wrapped baseball bat or... a velvet hammer. Selecting VINTAGE HI unveils a new take on the custom-modified British theme and connects your hands to a pressure-squeezed firehose of liquid, molten gain. More tube stages are added and circuitry flipped to create this Boogie-ized, Simul-Class rendering of a modified English amp that's been pumped for every drop of the precious tube nectar. This Mode produces crunch chords of unusual size and harmonic spread, while single note sounds soar and sing with barely recognizable focus and body given its gritty lineage. Simul-Class continues to work its mysterious magic here, smoothing the rough edges while protecting the basic character to create a truly inspiring new plateau of Brit-based performance.

FRONT VIEW: Electra Dyne 45/90 Combo









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