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1000 Corporate Grove Dr.
IL 60089 Buffalo Grove
T. 1-800-877-6863
F. 847-949-8444

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guitarist ninja
Alreust2OO9Guitarist 1O5 RIVERA K-TRE REVERB, RANDALLV2NHE & PEAVEY NINJA 6505+ 921, S1 S1.299S1.182 & Randall V2NHENinia tt?2ee by An evenhotter versionof the standardV2 designed guitaristMichael Amott - offeringred and silverlivery and an ingeniousapproachto hybrid technology ood guitar tone must always be about valves, right? well if there's one genre that disprovesthat view. it's metal. Randall has iongbeen lauded for its transistor amps and here we have ahybrid, utilising solid-state and v

rg1003h manual - Randall
Randall Warranty A M P L I F I E R S RM50/RM80 RG1003H Amplifier Head M ODULAR TUBE CO M BOS O W N E R S M A N U A L 100 Watts @ 4 © 3 Channels with Gain and Level EQ with Bass,Mid,Treble,Presence Randall Amplifiers, a Division of U.S. Music Corporation warrants the product you have purchased to be free of defects in materials and workmanship in normal use for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase. This warranty shall run to the original purchaser when purchased from an A
Mail-in Rebate Paid with a Randall Prepaid Debit Card Rebate 0 Prepaid Debit Card on Any Purchase Price of ,000 or More OR Prepaid Debit Card on Any Purchase Price of 0 - ,000 Qualifying Product(s) Purchase Dates Postmarked Rebate Limit Qualifying Dealers All Randall Amplifiers and Cabinets* July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 Within 30 days of purchase date Limit 1 rebate per product per address Authorized Randall Dealers To receive your Randall rebate paid with a prepaid debit car

RT Manual
USER MANUAL RT SERIES RT100H/RT503H/RT50H/RT50C Congratulations on your purchase of a Randall RT Series all tube amplifier! We at Randall, in the effort of having simple and concise documentation are going to assume the following: You, the proud owner... a. Have an electric guitar b. Have a 1/4" Guitar Cable c. Have a 1/4" Speaker Cable d. Understand that a guitar amplifier is an electronic machine that coverts energy from the strings of your guitar into sound emanating from a speaker. (please
RX75D-RX120R-RX120D-RX75R Manual

guitarist rm100khltd
rue$$Sfhfun FIRST


Randall Warranty Randall Amplifiers, a Division of U.S. Music Corporation warrants the product you have purchased to be free of defects in materials and workmanship in normal use for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase. This warranty shall run to the original purchaser when purchased from an Authorized Randall Dealer. The manufacturer warrants speakers for a period of (1) years. The manufacturer warrants tubes for a period of (90) days. Defective parts found during the a
Master Controls: The RG100SC is equipped with Clean and Lead master controls. Each channel can be set to your desired volume. Preamp Controls: This amp features two preamp channels, Gain 1 and Gain 2 for the Lead channel and Level 1 for the Clean channel. Each can be adjusted for desired gain. EQ Controls: The RG100SC has a three-band EQ with shape control for the lead channel and a separate three-band EQ for the clean channel. Effects: The RG100SC is equipped with a footswitchable Stereo Choru

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves. or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-

Randall Warranty RANDALL DIAVLO SERIES (4) 12AX7A (2) EL34L -50watts 2 Channels - Clean and Overdrive Switchable tube driven boost for both channels Spring Reverb Serial effects loop RFT2C Footswitch switches Channel and Boost (not included) Custom Voiced "DIAVLO" RD12508 50w Speaker RD50C - 50w 1x12 Combo RD50H - 50w Head RD112 - 50w Extension Cabinet Randall Amplifiers, a Division of U.S. Music Corporation warrants the product you have purchased to be free of defects in materials and workmansh
GP1009 randall
GEAR Roundup SPECS Randall Amplification (847) 949-0444; MODEL PRICE V2 Archetype ,649 retail/ ,249 street CHANNELS Three CONTROLS (Clean channel) Gain, Level, Bass, Middle, Treble (pull boost), Presence. (Overdrive channel) Gain, Level, Bass, Middle, Treble (pull boost), Presence. (Tube Overdrive channel) Gain, Bass, Middle, Level, Attack switch (Loose/Tight), Bright switch. Global Master, Density, Presence controls, 6-band graphic EQ POWER TUBES EXTRAS 400 watts Four
25 Watts into 8 Input Impedance = 500k Ohms S/N = Greater than 75db Phones = 60mW into 8 BASS EQ = +/- 15db @ 50hz MIDDLE EQ = +/- 10db @ 600hz TREBLE EQ = +/- 18db @ 3k 2 Channels + Overdrive boost Apple Media Player Dock "M" = Metal Grill "BC" = Black Chrome Cosmetics "D" = 16 Digital Effects "I" = Media Player Docking Port Randall Warranty Randall Amplifiers, a Division of U.S. Music Corporation warrants the product you have purchased to be free of defects in materials and workmanship in norm

NBKING112 v2
NBKING112 Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series FRONT PANEL FEATURES QUICK START: After you have plugged in and connected the AC power cord securely from the wall to the amplifier. Now that the amplifier has been hooked up correctly, simply plug your guitar into the front panel Input jack using a high quality instrument cable and flip the Power switch to ON. Once the amplifier is powered up it will default to the the Clean channel. Set all the Drive, Level & EQ controls to straight up except for th
RB100X Bass Amplifier Operation Manual

RG50TC RH50Tmanual

gp rm20 4-06
G E A R RANDALL RM20B T E S T E D B Y D A V E H U N T E R INSTANT GRATIFICATION RANDALL RM20B Big-time rock credentials for Randall were forged on the back of the fiercely hot, demonically loud, and defiantly solid-state Dimebag Darrell Warhead stack. Since 2001, however, the company has displayed a renewed faith in tube technology--most notably with the clever MTS (Modular Tube System) Series of amps with swappable tube preamp modules. The RM20B is the latest and smallest of the line--a 15-wat

Owners Manual 300 Watt Guitar Head Dear Randall Owner, Congratulations on the purchase of your new Randall Amplifier, and thank you for the support of our product line. Randall amps are made to strict quality and consistent performance standards, that will provide you with years of musical satisfaction. Please read the following manual, before operating your new Warhead X2 guitar amplifier. The revolutionary X2 will take hi-gain amplification to new heights, and your journey begins today. If yo
GEORGE LYNCH SIGNATURE AMPLIFIER SERIES LB103 OPERATION MANUAL A M P L I F I E R S Congratulations on the purchase of your new George Lynch Signature "LynchBox" RANDALL Amplifier! RM50/RM80 M O D U L A R T U B C M B O this George and all of us at Randall Amplification appreciate thatEyouOchose S amplifier. We spent a lot of time at the O and E R S M A N U A bench with George helping us refine the toneW N gain structure into thisLbad-ass machine you just pulled out o


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    notice S 159:Mise en page 1 19/10/11 14:09 Page 1 BARBECUE SUR PIEDS ET DE TABLE "TWIN GRILL" S 159 - MODE D'EMPLOI notice S 159:Mise en page 1 19/10/11 14:09 Page 2 WHITE AND BROWN vous félicite d'avoir choisi ce produit et vous remercie de votre confiance. Pour votre confort et votre sécurité, votre article a été vérifié à toutes les étapes de sa fabrication et a passé avec succès tous nos tests de qualité. Nos produits sont conçus pour vous plaire tant par leur design que par leur facilité d

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